Martin Withers & Me

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Martin Withers & Me - Vulcan Final Flight Collection

The final photo taken on my camera; topping off the most amazing day. Thank-you to the anonymous guy who took the photo for me- you had steady hands- the camera was on far too slow a shutter speed!
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Vulcan Final Flight Triptych

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Vulcan Final Flight Triptych
The Final Take-Off_7044
The Final Take-Off_7046
The Final Take-Off_7048
The Final Take-Off_7050
Vulcan XH558 Final Flight_7086
Vulcan XH558 Final Flight_7094
Vulcan XH558 Final Flight_7097
Vulcan XH558 Final Flight_7129
A Final Touch-And-Go_7182
Vulcan XH558 Final Flight_7186
Vulcan XH558 Final Flight_7187
Vulcan XH558 Final Flight_7188
The Final Approach_7199
The Final Touchdown_7201